[nano tech 2024] Pure ozone generator and related process - Meiden Nanoprocess Innovation Corporation

Meiden Nanoprocess Innovation Corporation unveiled their latest product, the Pure Ozone Generator & Surface Modification Coating System, at the nano tech 2024 trade show. The device, developed after 20 years of ozone research and development, offers a highly concentrated form of ozone. With this technology, the company can produce OH radicals by mixing ethylene gas and pure ozone, allowing for quick and damage-free surface treatments such as modification, flooding, and pre-treatment for bonding. The device’s low temperature and versatility make it suitable for various applications, including surface treatment of semiconductors, bonding technology, and glass. Additionally, the system can be used for ALD deposition, enabling low-temperature film deposition and deep penetration into microchannels. Meiden Nanoprocess Innovation Corporation encourages interested parties to contact them for surface treatment and film deposition using their pure ozone technology.Generated by OpenAI