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Exhibition stands in Tokyo

Includes video services to the Japanese market

Looking for an exhibition stand in Tokyo?

Exhibition stands are available in all kinds of types, shapes, and formations, varying from a plain walls to the luxurious pavilions.

Based on many years of experience, we propose stand designs that comply with Japanese regulations, building materials, and construction methods.

Stands at exhibitions in Tokyo are different from stands in other countries. 

As you can see in our video, we have experience building various stands.

We handle everything from large luxury stands to small and cheap ones.

Please tell us your request and budget.

By improving the efficiency of building materials and construction methods, we have achieved the lowest prices in Japan.

Not just build, we broadcast you. Video distribution service is included free of charge.

Video presentations are the best way to introduce your product to the Japanese market.

With our booth building service, you get one free video production service.

Exhibition videos are used in various industries and are very popular in Japan. Please check it out.

We work with your exhibition design company.

If you have a stand design made by your design company, let us build it for you.

If you are an exhibition stand design company, please send us your client’s design.

We will make proposals according to the Japanese method and make it at the best price.

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