[Thailand Motor Expo 2021] Shock Absorber - Profender

Profender is exhibited Shock Absorber at Thailand Motor Expo 2021.

Hello, today we are at the Profender booth.
We have shocks and all products of Profender.
The ones you see in front of us are sedan shocks
for Honda Civic.
If talking about Profender,
everyone will think of shocks. Off-road vehicles and pickup truck shocks.
But now Profender’s new product is a sedan.
Able to set Standard and load up to 2 inches,
it comes with all the equipment.
Give a soft feeling more than many brands in the market.
nudge this way It will be an off-road vehicle,
it will be a Toyota Fortuner and a Ford Raptor,
this one is a test item . For 3-way adjustment,
it is a step lift up to 3 inches, especially for wading,
not harsh, viscous and soft.
This part is a new product of Toyota Fortuner.
The material is aluminum called bypass shock.
The face will look like this.
Can adjust the viscosity up to 24 levels of every installation point
such as leg press and leg extension
Cylinder made of aluminum I must say that this one is awesome.
Premium softness is Profender.
It can be used for housewives.
or for those who need speed and want to race
This one also answers the question,
and most importantly, Profender has been open for 15 years.
You can trust that it is a brand that can be exported all over the world.
Great product and answer the questions for the users.
Inquire on Profender’s website.
Please leave it to Profender. Goodbye.