[LEISURE & SERVICE INDUSTRY EXHIBITION 2021] Easy Dome House - White House Co., Ltd.

White House Co., Ltd. is exhibited Easy Dome House at LEISURE & SERVICE INDUSTRY EXHIBITION 2021.


It is an Easy Dome House dealt with.
As you see, the sphere dome type
Sales started since 2019.
We have developed and developed and selling planning.
From the beginning, leisure can also be used at the time of disaster,
As such a dome house,
I started selling,
From last March,
For new coronavirus infections,
It is the best thing,
Currently, from Hokkaido to Kyushu,
For more than 500 medical institutions,
It has been installed and installed.
Campground, gramping, after entering this year
From such facilities, as a new era tent,
It is more durable than the tent,
It can be easily set up than prefabricated housing,
Two adults can assemble in 90 minutes,
By Dome House,
And it looks like taking a picture,
That’s why I am very attention.
Our company, imported vehicle,
A long-established company that is doing a camper for over 40 years,
As it is a company of manufacturing,
Thank you for your use,
It is a hospital or campsite,
Willing to use,
I can not do this,
For each consultation that is said,
We are embodied in the form of all options.
Now, option is
There are about 60 items,
What I brought this time is
You can shop just by installing the dome,
This flower shop is prepared.
And it is also over,
De, nowadays,
You can work at the resort area,
It is said that the provision of such a place is
For contractors who want to work
I have a proposal kit.
Easy Dome House, if so,
About three weeks after ordering,
Because you can pay,
Thank you very much.