[IPF JAPAN 2023] High Discharge Resin Extruder - Mitsuba Corporation

Mitsuba Corporation Unveils High Discharge Resin Extruder at IPF JAPAN 2023
The renowned Mitsuba Corporation showcased its latest innovation, the high discharge type resin extruder, at the International Plastics Fair held in Japan. This cutting-edge extruder boasts a higher discharge rate compared to conventional products, all while being pressed at a lower temperature.
Thanks to its advanced technology, the high discharge resin extruder can significantly reduce the size of conventional extruders, such as a 90 mm extruder shrinking down to a 75 mm extruder. This enables customers to save space and fit the equipment into smaller areas, a major advantage for businesses with limited workspace.
The applications for this resin extruder are extensive, as it is primarily used to manufacture long resin products like the black coatings on electric wires and resin tubes. With its smaller size, the extruder reduces the amount of material required, thereby minimizing material loss and decreasing the overall material cost for customers.
One of the key selling points of this high-quality resin extruder is its potential for cost reduction, making it an attractive proposition for businesses looking to optimize their production processes. With Mitsuba Corporation at the forefront of innovation, the industry eagerly anticipates the impact this technology will have on the plastics manufacturing sector.Generated by OpenAI