[Inter BEE 2023] WHERENESS - ACTUAL inc.

【Inter BEE 2023】ACTUAL inc. Launches WHERENESS, an Innovative Cloud-based Platform for 360-Degree Videos
Tokyo-based company Actual Inc. unveiled their latest product, WHERENESS, at this year’s Inter BEE exhibition. WHERENESS is a revolutionary application that streamlines the storage, editing, and distribution of 360-degree videos in the cloud. In the past, editing such videos was a costly and time-consuming process. However, with WHERENESS, users can now upload their footage to the cloud and easily edit it through a user-friendly interface, eliminating the need for high-performance local machines.
One outstanding feature of WHERENESS is its ability to connect scenes and add tags within the cloud-based platform. This opens up new possibilities for promotional activities, such as incorporating advertisements or additional information into the immersive 360-degree video experience.
By leveraging the power of cloud computing, WHERENESS allows users to store, edit, and distribute their 360-degree videos effortlessly, sharing their unique experiences with a wider audience. With its ease of use and innovative functionalities, WHERENESS is set to revolutionize the way 360-degree videos are created and shared.Generated by OpenAI