[SMART ENERGY WEEK 2024 [March] ] SOUTH AUSTRALIA PAVILION - Government of South Australia

**South Australia Targets 100% Renewable Energy by 2027**
At the recent SMART ENERGY WEEK 2024, the South Australian government announced its goal of reaching 100% renewable energy generation by 2027. The state has already achieved 24% renewable penetration and plans to leverage its unique natural resources, solar, and wind, to ensure a 24/7 supply of renewable electricity. The government encourages companies to join its journey towards a greener future.
**South Australia Unveils Green Steel and Iron Manufacturing Opportunities**
At the Fuel Cell Expo 2024, the South Australian government highlighted its mineral resources and plans to establish green steel and iron manufacturing industries. Existing infrastructure will support these opportunities, leading to economic benefits. The Case Management Services provided by the government will assist companies in establishing their presence in South Australia and securing the necessary workforce.Generated by Gemini