[SIAL Shanghai 2023] Producer of Packaging Machines - Dachuan Machines

Dachuan Machines, a renowned producer of packaging machines, showcased their latest product, the single column sealing machine, at SIAL Shanghai 2023. This fully automatic machine has a staggering production rate of 40 to 50 packages per minute. Whether it’s granules, powders, coffee, milk tea, or even juices and syrups, this versatile machine can handle it all. With its high-speed triple-stitch wrapping capability, it is perfect for granule powder packaging equipment, flavorings, and punch bar drinks. Dachuan Machines’ equipment is capable of producing 500 to 1,200 packages per minute, making it a productivity powerhouse. From reel to reel to cutter, the entire packaging process is fully automated, ensuring efficient and precise packaging. Dachuan Machines also offers single packs, multiple packs, and joint package equipment, catering to various needs. For more information, visit their website at www.gd-dachuan.com.Generated by OpenAI