[Plastics & Rubber Indonesia 2023] Plastic Moulding Injection - FCS GROUP

Plastic Injection Machine with High Speed and Safety Features Showcased at Plastics & Rubber Indonesia 2023
Plastics & Rubber Indonesia 2023, a renowned trade show for the plastics and rubber industry, witnessed the exhibition of a cutting-edge plastic injection machine, called Fansin FCS, by FCS GROUP. The machine, originating from Taiwan, is designed for plastic injection and is gaining popularity worldwide.
The Fansin FCS machine is known for its high-speed operation, making it ideal for various production processes such as tin wall production, paint can production, and other packaging production. With its remarkable injection speed, the machine reduces the circle time of production to as low as 10 seconds or even less.
To enhance safety and minimize work accidents, the machine is equipped with the Tenso robot, a Taiwanese product. The robot is specifically designed to work in hazardous areas, ensuring the protection of workers. FCS GROUP also utilizes their own molds, manufactured in China, and the Robotens brand from Taiwan.
The Hcansin machine, introduced by Trisno, the technician manager of the company, has caught the attention of industry professionals and visitors at the trade show. The high-speed capabilities and safety features of the Fansin FCS machine make it a valuable asset for manufacturers in the plastics industry.
Plastics & Rubber Indonesia 2023 continues to showcase innovative products that drive advancements in the plastics and rubber sectors, providing a platform for industry players to explore cutting-edge solutions and strengthen their business operations.Generated by OpenAI