[Government & Public Sector Week Japan 2023] moving house - Archivision 21 Inc.

Archivision 21 Inc., a company based in Hokkaido, showcased their innovative product called the moving house at the Government & Public Sector Week Japan 2023. This wooden building can be easily relocated and is gaining popularity not only in residential areas but also in offices and telework facilities. Archivision 21 offers various purchase options such as sales, rental, and lease, making it a versatile choice for different customers. The company has seen great success in partnering with local governments for purchasing and renting their moving houses. These buildings are known for their superior insulation and airtightness performance, with triple sashes standard for the windows. Archivision 21 aims to expand the usage of their moving houses to various sectors including companies, offices, and employee dormitories. They welcome inquiries from troubled companies or local governments interested in this innovative solution.Generated by OpenAI