[BOAT & FUN BERLIN 2020] Modular kitchens and sleeping systems - camp tools

camp tools is exhibited Modular kitchens and sleeping systems at BOAT & FUN BERLIN 2020.

Hello my name is Marco. I am from the cemptools company in M端nster.
We are experts in modular kitchens and sleeping systems.
Our core business is converting sleeping systems for vans that are used in everyday life and then being able to use them again as normal everyday vehicles.
Our modules are handcrafted in Munster 100% finished depth.
Here you can see an example. We always have the flip kit for the original VW T6 multiflexport from VW
that can be installed in the rear, for example I’ll explain that briefly,
that’s behind the VW T6 seat and we simply attach the product to the original one,
I flexported it and this is now, for example, at the back on the loading sill in the trunk and therefore does not take up any space.
But we also make rear pull-outs for different vehicles
VW, Ford, Tourneo custom eg for the Mercedes vehicles for the whole V-class then Hyundai.
Stavia is coming more and more the car on the German market for that we still have a trip up to 1.25 m depth and after wing loading of 220 kg.
That is our core business so far.