[MEDICA 2023] KuartisMED

KuartisMED Showcases Innovative Solutions for Newborn Healthcare and Stethoscope Disinfection at Medica 2023
Today marks the first day of the Medica trade show, and KuartisMED is making its presence known by presenting their innovative solutions for newborn healthcare and stethoscope disinfection. As an R&D company focused on newborn healthcare in Turkey, KuartisMED has developed the groundbreaking NeoSAFE medical device for oral feeding assessment of pre-term babies.
NeoSAFE, developed by a team of engineers and designers, utilizes a monitoring device equipped with state-of-the-art signal processing and machine learning algorithms. This enables the device to generate an assessment report for physicians based on swallowing sounds and respiration data collected via single-use disposable props attached under the chin.
During a demonstration, KuartisMED showcased how the device tracks data during a session and converts it into actionable and insightful statistics for physicians to evaluate. NeoSAFE has already received a patent, and the company believes it will become the global standard for diagnosing and assessing oral feeding maturity, an important factor in determining hospital discharge readiness for newborns.
In addition to NeoSAFE, KuartisMED also presented a brand new, sustainable method for stethoscope disinfection. This quick and efficient disinfection process only takes a few minutes and can be tracked through the accompanying application. Users can even develop their own disinfection habits to ensure the highest level of cleanliness.
For more information about KuartisMED and their innovative products, interested individuals can visit their website or reach out via email to [email protected].Generated by OpenAI