Trident Seafood Japan LLC showcased their latest product, the flexible crab sticks, at the 25th Japan International Seafood & Technology Expo. These crab sticks are made using 100% Alaskan pollack, ensuring a high-quality and carefully selected ingredient.
The company has made significant efforts to create a product that closely resembles real crab. Through an extensive commercialization process, the Kanikama, as it is known, has been developed to be comparable to real crab. Even when compared side by side with real crab, the Kanikama is able to hold its own.
One of the key aspects that sets Trident Seafood Japan LLC apart is their commitment to sustainability. The marine products used in their crab sticks are sourced from Alaska and have been certified as sustainable raw materials. As a company affiliated with Trident, a reputable marine fishery company in Alaska, Trident Seafood Japan LLC ensures that their products are made using 100% sustainable raw materials.
“Our goal is to appeal to consumers by offering products that not only taste great but also have a positive impact on the environment,” stated a representative from Trident Seafood Japan LLC. By using sustainable raw materials, they aim to contribute to the preservation of marine resources.
The flexible crab sticks from Trident Seafood Japan LLC are gaining attention for their delicious taste and eco-friendly approach. The company’s dedication towards sustainability has garnered praise from consumers and industry experts alike. With their commitment to high-quality ingredients and environmental responsibility, Trident Seafood Japan LLC is setting a new standard in the seafood industry.Generated by OpenAI