[Fishing Fest. 2024 in Yokohama] Bass Fishing and Sea Fishing Lure "Balamb" - Madness Japan Ltd.

Madness Japan Ltd., a lure manufacturer based in Kyoto, showcased its Bass Fishing and Sea Fishing Lure “Balamb” at the Fishing Fest. 2024 in Yokohama. The company offers a wide range of lures tailored to different target fish, from bass to saltwater species. One remarkable feature of their products is the use of silicon, a rare material for lures, which is exclusively manufactured in their own factory. The company also introduced casting lures, bass lures, and bugle spin lures specifically designed for sea bass. This year, Madness Japan is set to release TG and tungsten models, further expanding their specialized offerings. With a focus on customer feedback, the company aims to create lures customized to meet the needs of anglers targeting specific species of fish.Generated by OpenAI