[Techex 2023] AWS systems integrator - Green Custard

Green Custard, an AWS systems integrator, showcased their innovative IoT solutions at Techex 2023. One of their featured products was a penguin game that simulates a manufacturing setup. Equipped with a laser sensor, the game measures distance and counts the number of penguins passing through the production line. This data provides valuable insights like penguins per minute or hour, as well as the total penguins produced in a day.
Additionally, Green Custard unveiled a vibration sensor that aids in predictive maintenance in manufacturing environments. By establishing a baseline for equipment vibrations when functioning properly, the sensor can detect deviations and indicate potential damage. This enables proactive repairs before the equipment fails and disrupts the production line.
The company also highlighted their capabilities in automated material fill and waste measurement. These solutions ensure that bins are never empty or overfilled, optimizing efficiency and preventing unnecessary downtime.
Furthermore, Green Custard specializes in working with connected products on the AWS platform. They offer a range of services, including automated drink dispensers and enhancing customer insights for existing products. Their expertise extends to retrofitting connected features into established products, providing customers with diverse options.
Overall, Green Custard’s showcased products at Techex 2023 displayed their proficiency as an AWS systems integrator, offering innovative solutions for IoT, predictive maintenance, and connected products.Generated by OpenAI