[STYLE Bangkok 2024] Aroma Nourishing Oil Spray - AYATANA

**AYATANA Unveils Innovative Pain-Relieving Oil Spray**
AYATANA’s latest product is an aromatherapy oil spray designed to alleviate pain in the neck and shoulders. The spray targets muscle inflammation and tension, providing relief from office chair-related aches and accumulated pain. Its fruity scents (apple, rose, lemon, orange) promote relaxation and stress reduction. The lavender-scented spray aids in sleep and reduces menstrual pain, while the ylang-ylang scent helps alleviate sinus congestion. AYATANA’s oil spray can be used on the body, in rooms, or in cars for a refreshing and pain-relieving experience.
**AYATANA Introduces Multipurpose Balm**
AYATANA now offers a convenient and multi-use balm. With 10 unique scents, the balm can be sniffed for sinus relief or applied topically for pain alleviation. Its compact packaging makes it ideal for on-the-go relief. The balm’s versatile formula targets muscle pain, stress, and respiratory ailments, offering a comprehensive solution for various health concerns.Generated by Gemini