[INTERNATIONAL MODERN HOSPITAL SHOW 2023] Ami Voice iNote, a work-sharing system for the medical industry - Advanced Media Co., Ltd.

Title: Advanced Media Co., Ltd. Unveils Ami Voice iNote, a Cutting-Edge Work-Sharing System for the Medical Industry
Advanced Media Co., Ltd., a prominent Japanese company specializing in voice recognition technology, showcased their latest innovation, Ami Voice iNote, at the International Modern Hospital Show 2023. This groundbreaking system allows medical professionals to input data through voice commands on their smartphones, significantly enhancing work efficiency.
The ongoing trend of shifting from Personal Handyphone Systems (PHS) to smartphones has prompted the medical industry to explore ways to streamline operations. Within clinics, there is a growing need to improve workflow and productivity. Recognizing this, Advanced Media Co., Ltd. has developed a mobile voice input solution that addresses these concerns.
With Ami Voice iNote, medical personnel can easily enter records using voice recognition technology during their spare time. These voice entries are then automatically transformed into electronic medical records (EMR), eliminating the need for manual transcription. Moreover, the system allows for seamless transfer of the records to various medical facilities and departments.
By adopting Ami Voice iNote, medical professionals can expect a significant reduction in administrative tasks and paperwork, allowing them to focus more on patient care. The integration of voice recognition technology with smartphones ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience.
Advanced Media Co., Ltd.’s Ami Voice iNote showcases their commitment to revolutionizing the medical industry with innovative solutions. With its ability to simplify and digitize data input in real-time, this cutting-edge work-sharing system promises to enhance work efficiency and improve overall patient care. Medical professionals and healthcare facilities eagerly await its official launch.Generated by OpenAI