[Cosmoprof North America 2023] TRUSS PROFESSIONAL

Truss Professional Debuts Innovative Products at Cosmoprof North America 2023
Truss Professional, a leading global sales company, showcased its remarkable product lineup at the recent CosmoProf Las Vegas 2023 trade show. One of the highlights is the fast repair system, a back bar treatment that guarantees clients frizz-free hair for up to 30 days. With a quick 12-minute application time, it offers a lucrative opportunity for salons to generate profits. Additionally, Truss Professional introduced their bond Builder, a powder-form product that adds shine and protection during highlighting and Balayage services. Their collection of colors and toners, featuring a base of violet, allows for cooler-toned results without brassiness. Finally, their popular Balayage kit cleanses the hair, restores elasticity, and seals the cuticles with intensive nutrition, providing the perfect canvas for highlighting. For more information on Truss Professional’s revolutionary haircare products, visit their website at www.trussprofessional.com or follow them on Instagram at trustprofessional.Generated by OpenAI