[GPEC 2022] Room temperature smoker house spray - Arimitsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Arimitsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. is exhibited Room temperature smoker house spray at GPEC 2022.


This is a machine called a room temperature fog machine.
The product name is House Spray,
which is a machine that sprays pesticides, which is completely different from the usual spraying of pesticides.
Compared to dynamic spraying, a high-concentration, small amount of chemical solution is diffused throughout the house.
Ultrafine chemicals are discharged from the nozzle, so most of the water is sprayed from the nozzle and disappears immediately.
It is a state where pesticide powder or fine particles of pesticide fly away.
Since the inside of the house is filled with fine particles and controlled with pesticides, the method of image similar to smoke or fumigation is
performed with the pesticides used in normal dynamic spraying.
This method was said to be a very labor-saving method in the sense that it was necessary to shake the nozzle compared to dynamic spraying, but
since the number of pesticide registrations was small, there were
few pesticides that could be accepted. Since there are few machines that can be in demand
, it has become a bottleneck for those who are considering purchasing.
Recently, with the cooperation of pesticide manufacturers and local governments,
we are steadily advancing pesticide registration . Especially for cucumbers and eggplants,
the number of pesticide registrations is increasing steadily.
As for other crops, the number of registered pesticides is increasing steadily, so
I think that the products will become even easier to use in the future.