[RideAsia 2024] Li-ion & LPF Batteries - LITPAX TECHNOLOGY

**Litpax unveils versatile battery solutions at RideAsia 2024**
Litpax Technology showcased its wide range of lithium-ion and lithium ferro phosphate batteries at RideAsia 2024. From two-wheelers to energy storage systems, the company caters to diverse applications.
**Key Features:**
* Compact and space-saving designs
* Capacities ranging from 48V to 150Ah
* Customizations based on customer needs
* Inbuilt inverter system for seamless home energy storage
Litpax’s solutions address the growing demand for efficient and sustainable energy storage in the automotive and renewable energy sectors. For inquiries, contact the company at 7988 98 29 22 or visit their website at www.LitpaxTechnology.com.Generated by Gemini