[RideAsia 2024] Electric Scooters & Bikes - RYOTO ELECTRIX

**RideAsia 2024: RYOTO ELECTRIX Unveils Made in India Electric Scooters and Bikes**
RYOTO ELECTRIX showcased its electric scooters and bikes at RideAsia 2024. The company specializes in locally produced vehicles with heavy chassis and a one-year warranty on shockers.
RYOTO ELECTRIX offers financial support to dealers and showroom owners through a working capital loan of up to 1,00,000 rupees. The company also provides customers with a 0% interest-free financing scheme, requiring only initial payments for three months.
The company’s vehicles are manufactured in Ecotech 1, Greater Noida. Visit www.RyotoElectrix.com for more information.Generated by Gemini